Josephine Johnny – Still on da Run EP: Part I

Since I’m the new dude around these parts, I guess I should start off with a short introduction. I go by Jef Cashless. I’m a dj, contributor to Hater magazine, and a long time Bounce lover based in Houston (Hou Orleans), Texas. I grew up listening to and then later spinning Bounce, both New […]

5th Ward Weebie “Catch The Wall” & “Pu**y Roll Call”

More 5th Ward Weebie for you. Some tracks from “Bounce King Status Volume 1.” Somehow, that “Ready or Not” Enya loop sounds so dope in Bounce. Sorry for the low-quality. If anybody’s got better rips, pleeeease holler. 5th Ward Weebie “Catch the Wall” (192) 5th Ward Weebie “Pussy Roll Call” (192) -e

Katey Red and Big Freedia “Stupid”

I feel like this song is the best intro to Sissy Bounce I’ve heard, with lines like “You are so stupid/for calling us guys/you know you’ve tried it so stop telling those lies”, tranny rappers Katey Red and Freedia really call out all their haters. Thing is though, while they must have plenty of haters, […]

5th Ward Weebie “5th Ward Weebie Part 3”

Sorry for the long delay between posts! Been so busy with DJing all across the damn globe (one of those good problems, right). But I’m back on the grind!! Let’s go. Anyway, my dude has been begging me on myspace for this track so I’m posting it for him. I can’t find Parts 1 and […]

Ricky B Classics

Ricky B has made some of my favorite Bounce songs of all time, but I know very little about him. As far as I can tell he’s from the 7th Ward and both “Y’all Holla” and “Shake Fa Ya Hood” on the “Mobo Click” album on Mobo Joe Records which was one of New Orleans’s […]

Warren Mayes: Late Career (3/3)

Part three of three on Warren Mayes later career. Some straight up Bounce in “Was It Good To Ya” and some Gangsta Bounce on “Wartime” that chops the Triggerman bells in a really effective way. Part one here and part two here. Ace Duece (aka Warren Mayes) “Was It Good To Ya” 320 kps Ace […]

Warren Mayes: Late Career (2/3)

More Warren Mayes for that azz. Peep yesterday’s post for three other tracks and some info on Warren. More tomorrow. Ace Duece (aka Warren Mayes) “Everybody Wants To Shine and Ball” 320 kps Ace Deuece (aka Warren Mayes) “Put The Hammer in Her” 320 kps -e

Warren Mayes: Late Career (Pt 1/3)

Warren Mayes is one of the earliest rappers to emerge from New Orleans following the footsteps of New Orleans rap forefathers like Gregory D, Mannie Fresh, Mia X, and the Ninja Crew. There’s a brief but interesting blog post on Warren Mayes here but it’s astoundingly difficult to find any info on the guy online […]

Kane & Abel “Toot It Up” / “She Wanna”

Two more songs from Kane and Abel continuing last week’s post on them, but while “Shake It Like A Dog” probably isn’t technically a Bounce song, both “Toot It Up” and “She Wanna” definitely are. They’re both from the “Welcome Home” album from 2003 and feature appearances from Bounce heavyweights 5th Ward Weebie, Hot Boy […]

Kane & Abel “Show That Work” / “Shake It Like a Dog” (2000/1)

Kane & Abel were a fairly successful twin brother rap group (previously known as Double Trouble) from New Orleans that came up under No Limit before establishing their own label Most Wanted Empire. Born in NY before moving to FL and finally New Orleans, Kane & Abel have some pretty good Bounce and Bounce-inspired rap […]

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