Just found out from Noz and Twankle & Glisten that Ju’c of “Eat the Cat” fame was murdered a month ago. RIP. How many NOLA rappers have made it past 40? Damn. Noz posted the mp3 over on his sight CB Rap. Grab it below. Ju’c “Eat the Cat” -e

Emynd “Bounce It” Mix (RE-UP)

RE-UPPED 9/15/2009 Click for Detail Crossfaded Bacon and Mad Decent Records present Mad Decent Worldwide Radio #30: BOUNCE IT Mixed by Emynd DOWNLOAD (ZSHARE) I started listening to Bounce music about two years ago and, over the past couple years, have acquired a pretty extensive collection of CDs, MP3s, and records of this really rich […]

Cash Money Retrospective

Fairly thorough retrospective of Cash Money right here. I’ve also copy/pasted the text after the jump to preserve this retrospective on just in case the internet blows up and 100 years from now somehow survives and Amoeblog doesn’t. I’d recommend you read the article on their blog though because of the pretty pictures.

JD Bounce Mix

Short but classic Bounce mix by my man JD over here. Tracklisting: 01. Curtis Mayfield blend over Bunny Hop inst. 02. Da Entourage – Bunny Hop (they used to have Bunny Hop contests at Sharpstown mall, haha) 03. Ricky B – Ya’ll Holla 04. BMD feat. Papa Reu and Juvie – Nasty Girl 05. Big […]

Marvelous & Peaches “Gotta Be A Soulja”

Probably shouldve posted this yesterday, but I’m trying to pretend I’m updating frequently. Hah. More Mobo Click classic shit from ’97. Still sounds great in the club though. Dope Bounce Rap/RnB shit. Marvelous & Peaches “Gotta Be A Soulja” (Sharebee) (Zshare) -e

Marvelous & Peaches “Wobble on Da’ Stick”

Some more classic Bounce rap from ’97. Mobo Click in the bitch. Marvelous & Peaches “Wobble on the Stick” (Sharebee) (Zshare) -e

Magnolia Shorty “Monkey on the Dick”

Classic Cash Money Bounce shit from ’97. Mannie Fresh on production. Magnolia Shorty “Monkey on the Dick” (Sharebee) (Zshare) -e

Mannie Fresh on “Triggerman”

Excerpts of Noz’s great interview with Mannie Fresh from When did “Triggerman” first catch on in New Orleans? I guess from the release date of that song. It always was a hot song in New Orleans. I want to say Memphis, as well. Memphis and New Orleans. It was just one of those songs […]

B-32 Mannie Fresh Remixes

My man Mr. 604 posted some of the earliest BOUNCE remixes known to mankind from Cash Money’s BABY (who went by the name B32 back then) album called “I need a Bag Of Dope” 1993 (This was Baby’s first album) MANNIE FRESH BEAT 1 MANNIE FRESH BEAT 2 -e

Ricky B Classics

Ricky B has made some of my favorite Bounce songs of all time, but I know very little about him. As far as I can tell he’s from the 7th Ward and both “Y’all Holla” and “Shake Fa Ya Hood” on the “Mobo Click” album on Mobo Joe Records which was one of New Orleans’s […]

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