Happy Birthday Soulja Slim (Born September 9, 1977)

Happy Birthday Soulja Slim aka Magnolia Slim (Born September 9, 1977)

“I Can Tell” (Bounce Mix) – Mercedes feat. Mac & Jamo

“I Can Tell” (Bounce Mix) – Mercedes feat. Mac & Jamo¬† (Remixed by TOOK) FREE DOWNLOAD: DIRECT DOWNLOAD: HERE  

“Reloaded” Master P (Monstahh) Bouncespot Dj’s Remix

“RELOADED” Monstahh aka Master P ft. Bengie B, TBO & Miss Chee (Bouncespot Djs Remix) LISTEN & DOWNLOAD HERE:  

Bounce track from FIEND

“Motor In The Back” FIEND (192 kbps) “Motor In The Back” FIEND -INSTRUMENTAL- (320 kbps)

Choppa Style Shit

Choppa will likely forever be one of the most notable New Orleans Bounce artists because of the simple fact that his now classic “Choppa Style” is one of the few Bounce songs that made any type of national impact. It was picked up ultimately by Master P and Choppa was added to the No Limit […]

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